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Overcoming Weight Loss Obstacles

Published on September 18, 2013 By Tony

Everyone has obstacles when trying to achieve a goal. The key to overcoming your obstacles is first to be ready for them and second to have a strategy to get through it. Below are 5 common obstacles you may have when attempting to lose weight. Obstacle #1 Eating out Frequently Choose custom meals. Most restaurant […]

Should You Throw Out Your Scale

Published on October 18, 2012 By Tony

Should you throw out your scale? I’m not saying you should, but I do know some people give the scale way too much power and it can end up doing more harm than good. Watch this video and see what I mean. I hope this let’s you see the scale in a different light. And […]

Member Spotlight Workout Quest Boot Camp

Published on September 24, 2012 By Tony

Today I have another fabulous Workout Quest Member Spotlight. This proves if you want it bad enough, believe it is possible, and are willing to put in the hard work you can and will accomplish BIG things. Lashay, has made a remarkable change in her lifestyle and has totally changed her body both inside and […]

Weight Loss Simplified

Published on September 13, 2012 By Tony

I’ve asked myself many times, “Why are so many people struggling with weight loss?” … and after working with hundreds of clients, the conclusion I keep coming up with is that there are some people don’t know what to do, and they need to raise there hands and ask for help, because help is there. […]

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Published on July 23, 2012 By Tony

If you’re looking to lose weight green tea can help. It’s not a magic bullet, but by making a simple switch from high calorie beverages to calorie free beverages such as green tea you can eliminate many calories in your diet leading to weight loss. It’s all about diet and exercise, but who says diet […]

Green Smoothie by North Vegas Fitness Trainer

Published on July 23, 2012 By Tony

If you’re like most people you can benefit from getting more veggies in your diet. After all adding a cup of spinach only adds 2 calories which makes it a very nutrient dense food, meaning lots of nutritious vitamins and hardly any calories. On top of that it helps keep you full and is loaded […]

North Las Vegas Personal Trainer Shares Overeating and Weight Gain Prevention Tips

Published on July 9, 2012 By Tony

If you are struggling to lose weight you need to Be real with yourself. … I’m talking nutrition here. Don’t make the mistake so many people make, thinking you can eat high calorie foods just because you workout. For example let’s say you need 1500 calories a day for fat loss and you are excellent […]

Why the Scale Won’t Budge

Published on May 17, 2012 By Tony

Sometimes people get the urge to ask me questions. Sometimes I get the urge to answer them. When these two things come together, it’s generally pretty cool. Here’s a recent question from one of my new clients that just may help you too… Q: So I’ve been insanely good with eating healthy/smaller portions, working out […]

Inspiring Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

Published on August 22, 2011 By Tony

Check this out! One of my clients just sent me this video because it really inspired her to lose weight. You gotta check this out especially if your a women trying to lose weight…. I encourage you to start taking pictures right now of yourself, at least once a month. Who knows in 6 months […]

Las Vegas Boot Camp Success Story

Published on April 25, 2011 By Tony

My Boot Camp in Las Vegas is for real people just like you who want to tone up, slim down and lose the weight once and for all. I love sharing with you the very best fat loss, nutrition and mindset tips, but  I also I love to showcase real people from my boot camp […]

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