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21 Day Water Challenge

Published on January 11, 2014 By Tony

Whether you do new year’s resolutions or not, if you want to get healthier, look better, or improve your fitness improving the way you eat is going to have a positive impact. Here’s a few places to start… Eat smaller portions Drink more water Eat more green veggies The key is you’ve got to get […]

How to Get a Flat Stomach Part 4

Published on November 14, 2013 By Tony

The last couple of post have been geared toward helping you go from where you are to getting a flat stomach. In part 4 we’ll discuss cardio exercises. When and how much you need to do to get a flat stomach. Part 5 wraps it all up. Take 5 minutes watch them both and if […]

What Should I Do to Lose Weight Faster?

Published on September 11, 2013 By Tony

Q: I’ve been exercising and eating good for 8 weeks and have only lost 1% body fat. I’m starting to get discouraged. A: I understand your frustrations. First of all understand there are many ways to measure your progress. SEE BELOW Also you’ll notice a 1% fat loss in 8 weeks is average. Every 2 […]

Best Time to Eat Starch Carbs for Fat Loss

Published on February 6, 2013 By Tony

For February the Habit of the month is to eat your starch carbs after exercise. This is when your body can best tolerate them for fat loss. Within the three hours following exercises you should be eating unprocessed starch carbs like: whole grain pastas and breads, yams or sweet potatoes, quionoa, oats, and long grain […]

Should You Throw Out Your Scale

Published on October 18, 2012 By Tony

Should you throw out your scale? I’m not saying you should, but I do know some people give the scale way too much power and it can end up doing more harm than good. Watch this video and see what I mean. I hope this let’s you see the scale in a different light. And […]

North Las Vegas Personal Trainer Shares Overeating and Weight Gain Prevention Tips

Published on July 9, 2012 By Tony

If you are struggling to lose weight you need to Be real with yourself. … I’m talking nutrition here. Don’t make the mistake so many people make, thinking you can eat high calorie foods just because you workout. For example let’s say you need 1500 calories a day for fat loss and you are excellent […]

Whey Protien Powder Recipes

Published on July 8, 2012 By Tony

At boot camp several clients have been asking what is a good protein powder and where they can get it, so I thought share my favorite Whey Protein powder. These have no artificial sweeteners or fillers, which are one of the reasons I prefer these over many mainstream powders like EAS or Met-RX. My favorite […]

Fat Burning Snacks part 2

Published on May 26, 2011 By Tony

If you haven’t seen Fat Burning Snacks part 1 check it out here Okay, now moving on to… Big Mistake #2 -Snacks filled with sugar, saturated fat, or starchy carbs   When snacking stay away from pastries, bread, or fried foods. These are too heavy, have too many calories and less filling Watch the video […]

Fat Burning Snacks part 1

Published on May 23, 2011 By Tony

So you might know weight loss is achieved faster when you eat five or six small meals a day rather than three big one’s. BIG MISTAKE #1 – snacks are way too big That is a HUGE MISTAKE and leads to weight gain. Keep snacks in the 100-200 calorie range to avoid overeating. Check out […]

3 Reasons YOU Want to Build Muscle

Published on May 10, 2011 By Tony

If you DON”T want to rock your BEST body this summer then you are wasting your time reading this blog post. Are you still there? Ok, cool. Whether you’re a 22 year old guy trying to get buff or a 63 year old woman looking to get your old body back, you WANT to build […]

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