“I’ve lost inches and I’m in way better shape”

“I’ve lost weight and haven’t hit a plateau”

“I lost 14 pounds and have more definition in my arms”

“In my first 7 days I’ve lost 3 1/2 pounds at age 63”

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“One week in I’ve dropped 5 pounds already!”

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“I have a lot more energy and I’m in way better shape”

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Maranda[br] [br]

[pullquote cite=”Maranda C.” align=”left”]“I’ve had amazing results and everyone notices!!”[/pullquote]

Before I started bootcamp losing weight was a joke. I worked out regularly at the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I did various workouts both on my own and with the group exercise classes. The scale did not budge much and if it did it was not reflecting my workouts. My eating habits were horrible. I was overweight, tired, and unhappy with how my clothes were fitting.[br] [br]

When I first heard from a friend about Workout Quest I thought it was going to be rough, very intense, requiring many obstacles that I would not be able to handle.[br] [br]

I’ve been attending bootcamp for six months. During this time I have learned to eat better and challenge myself. I have lost 23lbs and have gone down 3 dress sizes! I am more toned and enjoy picking out and ironing my clothes for the next day.[br] [br]

First and foremost…I love that it works!! I’ve had amazing results and everyone notices!! Tony is encouraging, motivating, and makes workouts for people at any fitness level. I also love that Tony doesn’t just only push fitness but diet too since it does go hand in hand.[br] [br]

The confidence I gained when I started overcoming challenges, breaking personal records, dropping pounds, when my clothes started fitting better, and when others started to notice and compliment me on my hard work was truly worth my lifestyle change.[br] [br]

Maranda C.