3 simple steps to reach long-term goals

Have you ever set a fitness goal that you knew was going to take you more than a few weeks to achieve and you failed to reach it?

If you’re like most people, you have.

Many people decide to make a change, set a goal, just to end up overwhelmed after realizing it’s gonna take some time to achieve….. some never move any farther than this step.

Let me ask you something, “How do you eat an elephant?”. The answer, “One bite at a time”. That’s exactly how you’re going to reach your long-term fitness goals.

Check it out…

Think of your ultimate goal.
Is it to drop your body fat down 15 – 20 percentage points, lose 70 pounds, or get back into your old clothes that are in the back of the closet? Keep in mind this may take 10 – 12 months or longer in some cases.

This is why way too many people give up before they even make any real progress. If you are going to reach that goal you can’t let that discourage you. Remember it takes several months or years to gain the unwanted weight and it’s going to take a while to get rid of it.

Next you need to break up your long-term goal into reasonable short term goals
Take your 12 month goal and break it down to a 6 month goal
now break that 6 month goal down to a 3 month goal
and finally break that 3 month goal down to a 1 month goal

After that, set process goals
Focus on the day to day process, not the final outcome that is too far in the future. This is great because now you don’t have to think about the 1 year goal, the 6, 3 or even the one month goal. The problem for far too many is we get caught up on the outcome and get overwhelmed and at a big goal and stop following the process.

Your process goals should be simple: exercise and follow a single nutrition habit today. That’s it! Do not waste time thinking about the 70 pounds you need to lose, or how yesterday sucked or what you have to do tomorrow. Live in the moment today and work your process goals TODAY and you’ll reach your long-term goals one day at a time.

Now, the most important thing…
Do something! The goal is no good until action is taken. Walk, do some quick body weight workouts or hire a trainer… just get started.

    Here’s your action steps (it only takes 10 minutes)

Step 1 – Set your ultimate goal. It doesn’t have to be weight related. It can be to be a certain size or even performance related; ie. run a mile in X minutes or do X pushups in 60 seconds on your toes.

step 2 – Break down your goals. If it is to drop from a size 20 to an 8, you should be at a 14 in 6 months, a 16 to 18 in 3 months and by one month you 20’s should have extra room.

step 3 – Set your process goals. Think of one nutritional change and one fitness change you will do daily.

Now go put that plan in to action!

Let me know if you need help with this. I’m here to help

Talk to ya soon,


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Best Time to Eat Starch Carbs for Fat Loss

For February the Habit of the month is to eat your starch carbs after exercise. This is when your body can best tolerate them for fat loss.

Within the three hours following exercises you should be eating
unprocessed starch carbs like: whole grain pastas and breads, yams or
sweet potatoes, quionoa, oats, and long grain rice, ect.

Any time of the day eat fiber rich vegetables like: broccoli, kale, cucumber,
carrots, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, bok choy, lettuce, collards, radish, onions, etc.

Keep the refined carbs to a minimum and only during the three hours following exercise. Those include: desserts, fruit juice, processed foods, soda, sports drinks, most commercial nutrition bars, dates, figs, dried fruits, ect.

Here’s a sample plan of what this looks like in action:

Morning workout
5:30am – pre workout protein shake and 1/2 banana
6am – workout
7:30am – oatmeal (starch), eggs, veggies
12 noon – baked salmon and broccoli
3pm – raw mixed nuts, and apple
7pm – grilled chicken and steamed veggies

Evening workout
8am – eggs, veggies
12 noon – Chicken sausage and green beans
3pm – carrots, celery and hummus
6:30am – pre workout protein shake and 1/2 orange
7pm – workout
8:30pm – grilled chicken, brown rice (starch) and steamed veggies

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Get Your Mind Right for Success

Here’s a quick clip I made for you to get your mindset right for success.

If your fitness program is in full gear and your nutrition is dialed in, there is still one thing that can bring your progress to a halt…

that is your mindset. Watch this and get your mind right.

Beginning now, start expecting to win!

Talk to ya soon,


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Slow Down, Eat Less, Lose Weight

For January the Habit of the month is to eat 80% less. This means you will take in fewer calories, feel full, and begin to drop weight without having to count calories or even make a change in the foods you eat.

The goal of the Habit of the month is to slowly add in healthy habits that support your exercise program. Many people fail because their quest for rapid fat loss causes them to take on too many changes at once and end up falling off the wagon.

The Habit of the month is a lifestyle change not a diet.

Check out the Hunger Scale

Eating frequently and slowly will help you stay in the 4 – 7 range.

Here’s an exercise to help you start eating slowly.

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Team Workout Quest Events Calendar 2013

Below is the Team Workout Quest calendar of Special Events for 2013

February 16th – The Color Run


The Color Run™ event is a unique experience focused less on speed and more on crazy color fun with friends and family. Color Runners come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds; but everyone toeing the start line has a blast. Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of The Color Run™ course will be the most memorable and colorful run of your life!

Where: Downtown Las Vegas

Registration fees with Team Workout Quest
45.00 per person starting January 1st 2013
50.00 per person starting February 1st 2013

To register with Team Workout Quest
1. Go to http://thecolorrun.com/lasvegas/
2. click on sign up
3. choose Team Registration
4. log in to your Active account or create an account
5. follow the directions, when you get to Team Information, click View all, then choose Workout Quest
6. continue with registration

more info http://thecolorrun.com/lasvegas/

March 2nd – Scale the Strat


Scale the Strat is the American Lung Association in Nevada’s competitive stair climb. Individuals and teams will race up the Stratosphere Observation Tower inside staircase, while raising money to fund lung health research, education and advocacy in Southern Nevada. Climbers will climb 1455 steps which equals 108 floors!

Where: The Stratosphere Casino Tower
Registration: The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

To register with Team Workout Quest….
1. go to scalethestrat.com
2. Click JOIN A TEAM on left
3. Click Search for a Team or View All
4. Choose Workout Quest
5. Completer Registration as Regular Climber

For more info visit http://scalethestrat.com/

March 23rd – The Devil Dash


Devil Dash 5k at Bootleg Canyon Park. New obstacles, more obstacles, more mud, and more beer in the Beer Garden of Eden. Devil Dash Sin City is returning in March 2013 so all you sinners can repent, again. The race sold out last year so don’t procrastinate. Get your friends and family to come face their fears and conquer the seven deadly sins in this adventurous 5k.

Where: Bootleg Canyon Park
Registration fees:
$59 by January 15th
$65 by January 31st
$70 by February 28th
$75 by March 11th
$90 by March 15th

**15% off when you register with Team Workout Quest**

To register with Team Workout Quest… call/text Tony at 702-882-4021 before Tuesday, January 15th.

For more info visit http://www.devildash.com/sincity

May 4th – Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Where: Downtown Las Vegas at the Fremont Street Experience
Registration fee:

How to register with Team Workout Quest

For more info visit http://southernnevada.info-komen.org/

More events coming soon

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Fitness Tracking Calendar by North Las Vegas Personal Trainer

People need accountability to reach a certain level of success. Zero accountability limits your success.

Now when it comes to eating better and exercising more you’ve got to keep it super simple and you’ve got to have some sort of accountability if you want to get anywhere.

Some of my most successful clients started out slow, but began to achieve more in just a few short weeks after starting a food journal. Food journals are just one way to keep you accountable.

Food journals do work, but for too many people give up because it becomes a chore. The good news is there’s an easier way (remember Keep It Super Simple)

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Now I challenge you, try it for 28 days. Really hold yourself accountable and see what happens.

…and if you need help and want more one on one coaching check out my online fitness training program. You get new workouts each month that you can do anywhere and I personally help you set goals, and keep you accountable too.
Check it out here

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Should You Throw Out Your Scale

Should you throw out your scale?

I’m not saying you should, but I do know some people give the scale way too much power and it can end up doing more harm than good.

Watch this video and see what I mean.

I hope this let’s you see the scale in a different light. And if you like this post please click the LIKE button below and also check out this post Why The Scale Won’t Budge

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Nutrition Makes all the Difference

Carrie has made a change in her diet which has made a huge impact on the results she’s been getting. Now first off, I’ve got to tell you she is one of the hardest workers I have ever trained.

She comes in each morning with a smile on her face and is up for ANYTHING! She’ll push, pull, climb, jump, run; doesn’t matter, she’ll do it all and give it her all every single time.

The problem was I knew she was frustrated when her training efforts weren’t paying off on the scale as she had hoped. She was doing more, pushups, burpees, and situps every time I tested her, yet she was still frustrated about her weight.

I asked her how her nutrition was, she said it was good. I even had her bring in a food journal and she was right, it wasn’t that bad.

But not that bad isn’t enough to get you where you want be. Getting fit is a work in progress. Until you are satisfied with where you are, you should always find one area you can improve upon.

The answer is NOT to do what too many people do and say, “I’m eating pretty good and working out regularly and the scale isn’t moving down, I guess this will never work for me”.

The magic happens when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and do what Carrie has done, which is to become brutally honest with yourself and ask, “Am I really eating as well as I should be 9 out of 10 times? No, well what can I change?”

Taking responsibility and committing to a change has paid off in a big way for Carrie…

She has lost over 11 pounds and several inches off her waist, hips and thighs in the a couple months which is amazing… not only that, but she looks and feels AMAZING too!

Q: You recently switched to a plant-based diet and are having big success with it? Why did you make that switch?

I was invited to a session that presented a 30 Day Challenge. The Challenge was wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy free. I was really in a place where I was totally stuck!! I had been exercising consistently and eating “right”.

I was starting my “busy season” traveling between 3 to 6 days a week so it wasn’t going to get any easier. I thought to myself, “Why would I wait any longer…..I am ready to see some progress and let’s be honest, there’s never a RIGHT time.” So I switched on a week that I traveled 6 days to three different states and found myself surprised at the scale when I returned home! If I can juggle it during a week like that and adding in classes for my doctorate later on….I can make it work anytime!!

Q: Do you consider this a diet or a new lifestyle?

It’s definitely a lifestyle. It’s easy…I feel great and I can see my body changing!! I have learned things about myself through this process that I found surprising. I am in tune with the difference between being hungry and being thirsty. I also learned that my body has an intolerance’s (feeling bloated or puffy) that I am still figuring out. I feel sick to my stomach and bloated when I eat something that my body doesn’t agree with…..it’s just not worth eating it when you feel sick after.

Q: How did you mentally prepare yourself for this change?

I was ready for this option because I felt like I was working so hard and doing the things that had worked in the past like tracking my food and exercise but nothing was working.

Q: Many people are afraid to give up meat, do you find yourself craving meat all day?

No, not at all. I am the daughter of a farmer and grew up in a “meat and potatoes” family. It really wasn’t a meal in my family unless there was meat on the plate. I ate meat as I started my journey only at my evening meal and eventually dabbled in more vegan and vegetarian meals as I went on. I found that I made more progress when I was eating in that way and didn’t feel hungry or a lack of energy in the least. That was enough to make it more of a habit for me.

Q: Many people are afraid without meat they can’t get enough protein. What are your biggest sources of protein now?

My favorite right now is quinoa! I had a great veggie taco last week with corn tortillas, sweet potatoes, black beans and guacamole. It’s been fun to try out new recipes….my husband is totally surviving by being the food critic telling me what recipes to keep and what to pass on the next time! LOL.

Q: How is your energy level now compared to before you changed your diet?

I’m honestly getting to the point where I am in the best shape of my life in my late 30s!

Q: Many people find it difficult to consistently eat healthy and exercise for long periods of time. What keeps you so motivated month after month?

I have found that I FEEL better when I eat healthy and exercise, I can THINK more clearly and I can JUGGLE my very demanding job more efficiently. My motivation to stick with my diet is the progress that I have seen and the way that I feel.

My motivation to exercise is really about being part of that social setting. I have so enjoyed the bootcamp crew and the accountability that they have provided for me. Getting involved in weekend events and the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon in December has allowed me to stick with my routine and add in a few running sessions to train for Decemeber’s event.

I am also motivated by the Workout Quest Challenges. There’s nothing like having those day to day goals to keep you on track!

Q: What keeps you from going back to those old habits?

I like where I am now and really feel better. It isn’t worth a bite of this or that for me. I ask myself when something tempts me if it’s worth feeling yucky or not getting into the next size down.

Q: Are the sacrifices and all the hard work worth the results you’re getting?

Absolutely. I don’t see anything that I am doing as a sacrifice. I am eating in a way that makes me feel good and exercising with a group of people that I enjoy being around. Nothing in that equation is negative to me.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to try a plant-based diet?

Try it! There’s no time like the present! I would highly recommend a cleanse to get you started and urge you to stick with it for 30 days so you can truly allow your body to tell you what it needs. It’s a process. I make adjustments every week and continue to learn! Every lesson has been worth it!

Tony here again…

I just wanna say I’m so proud of Carrie for stepping up to the plate and making this change. You’re truly and inspiration to others!

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Thanks 🙂

Motivation to Lose Weight

Do you lack the motivation to lose weight?

If so, check out this quick video that I made to help you out.

Are you making excuses or are you making it happen?

Let me know how I can help.

Talk to you later,


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Member Spotlight Workout Quest Boot Camp

Today I have another fabulous Workout Quest Member Spotlight. This proves if you want it bad enough, believe it is possible, and are willing to put in the hard work you can and will accomplish BIG things.

Lashay, has made a remarkable change in her lifestyle and has totally changed her body both inside and out. She’s lost over 114 pounds total.

If you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes and that’s exactly what Lashay has done. When she’s working her butt off at boot camp, I never know what she’s muttering under her breath… she’s probably calling me names or something. Either way she always comes to boot camp and gets it done like a champ because she knows the reward will be worth it.

I asked her a few questions about her transformation and here’s what she had to say…

Q: How long had you struggled with your weight?

Most of my life. Everything changed after my tonsils were removed as a child. Things I couldn’t taste before were all new to me, the bad stuff for you tasted good and the good stuff for you tasted bad.

Q: When did you realize it was time to change your lifestyle?

I had realized for a while that something needed to be done, I just didn’t put my mind to it. I guess I decided I needed to make a change after the passing of my Aunt and my Grandmother. They were always my biggest supporters and loved me no matter what, but didn’t want anything to hold me back from experiencing life. After a vacation trip in January of 2011, I couldn’t deny any longer that my weight was holding me back.

Vacation Trip January 2011

Q: Why was it so important for you to make a change when you did?

I wanted to be healthy by the time I turned 40, so that I could experience the second half of my life in a completely different way, with a completely different outlook.

Q: What changes did you make in your diet / exercise routine?

I started with joining Weight Watchers because the changes I was making to my diet on my own weren’t working. Then I started exercising at home with Zumba, until I found Tony at Workout Quest.

Q: How is your energy level now compared to before you began boot camp?

My energy level is much higher. I might be half asleep when I start, but I am wide awake by the time we finish.

Q: You’ve lost 64 pounds and many inches off your waist, hips and thighs since you started boot camp. What’s the secret?

Just sticking with it.. It is important to know we will all have ups and downs, losses and gains. But, no matter what you can always press the reboot button and get back on track. You can get back on program even in the middle of a bag of chips if you make that conscious decision to do so.

Q: Many people struggle to stay consistent eat healthy and exercise month after month. What keeps you so motivated long-term?

Knowing that I am becoming a different person, confident and healthy. “I am a turtle- slow and steady will win the race and I am creating a new shell”.

Q: What keeps you from going back to those old habits?

This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I want to be healthy and not let anything hold me back from experiencing new things. I want to make my grandmother proud and myself proud.

Q: To reach success you always have to sacrifice something. What other sacrifices have you made to find success in your weight loss journey?

Unfortunately I have sacrificed sleep the most, so that I can go to bootcamp ; It is something that I love and miss when I am not there. I haven’t really sacrificed food, because if it something I want, I have it, just not as much and not as often. If you sacrifice the things you love forever, you will likely not stick with what you are doing.

Q: Are the sacrifices and all the hard work worth the results you’re getting?

Without a doubt!

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who says they want to lose weight?

Don’t wait another day. Once you have made up your mind just do it. Find something you love to do (as far as exercise) and it becomes much easier to make a GOOD habit stick.

We’re are so proud of you Lashay! Keep it up

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