What: (LAST 4 WEEKS) 12 week Ultimate Accountability Contest

When: Monday, Now until Friday, June 1st

Where: Workout Quest Boot Camp

Why: To keep you accountable to your goals, have fun, win prizes

How it Works:
You earn points each day for checking in to boot camp, bringing a food journal, bringing friends to class, ect. When you reach a set amount of points you earn prizes like t-shirts, tote bags, or other cool prizes. Each month there will be multiple raffles: prizes listed below

Point System:
1 point Sign in to boot camp attendance sheet
1 point Check in on Facebook
1 point Bring Food Journal Filled out
2 points Post your end of the week results to Facebook
3 points Bring a friend (non-member to class)

Bonus Points:
3 points Boot Camp special event (hike, fun run, weekend class)
5 points Friend Joins Boot Camp
20 points Submit before and after picture with testimonial

50 points t-shirt
100 points Sport pack
175 points Special Prize

Monthly Raffle:
1. $100 off boot camp
2. 50 minute Massage
3. 50 minute Massage
4. Hair wash and cut
5. Manicure

All Food Journal Entries must be checked by trainer
Must tag Tony Wood or Workout Quest in all FB posts

How to Join

Once you register as a Full Member for the 1, 6 or 12 month program you are entered in the contest and will start earning points and be eligible for raffles.

Trial members and Daily Deal Members can sign up with Tony before or after boot camp for more details or call 702-882-4021.

(first payment is not due until trial or daily deal period is over)

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