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What Should I Do to Lose Weight Faster?

September 11, 2013

Q: I’ve been exercising and eating good for 8 weeks and have only lost 1% body fat. I’m starting to get discouraged. A: I understand your frustrations. First of all understand there are many ways to measure your progress. SEE BELOW Also you’ll notice a 1% fat loss in 8 weeks is average. Every 2 […]

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Cardio Strength Challenge Workout

August 20, 2013

This is a quick cardio strength workout you can use for a finisher at the end of one of your workouts or if you are short on time you can use it as a standalone workout. Unless you’re burned out or stressed, you’re better off doing a short intense training session than skipping it all […]

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5 Ways To Recover After Exercise

August 8, 2013

Your fitness program needs to address more than cardio and strength for optimal results. If you want to feel better and get more out of your workouts watch this video to see what recovery and regeneration is all about. There you have it! Recovery and regeneration. See the foam rolling video below. Thanks for watching!

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Are You in the Zone?

July 25, 2013

If you’re working out regularly and eating right and aren’t getting great results chances are your intensity need to be kicked up a notch. Too many people fail to get great results because they simply aren’t challenging themselves on a regular basis. It’s what I call watering down the workout. You don’t have to go […]

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How to Get Better Results From Your Workouts

July 18, 2013

You’ve heard it over and over, if you want to lose weight and tone up you need to eat right and exercise on a regular basis. Less calories in and more calories out. Right? The truth is getting great results isn’t just about showing up to the gym and eating healthy. It’s much more than […]

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Nutrition Habit of the Day

July 10, 2013

Are you exercising regularly and not getting the results you deserve? Keep in mind that’s only part of the equation. You need to eat right and take time to de-stress as well. Exercising only and expecting results is like getting an A in English, failing math and science and wondering why your GPA is 1.33. […]

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Weight Loss Needed Please Help

April 15, 2013

Recently I posted about the success of one of my clients (you can see that here) and an old friend from high school messaged me on Facebook in response. Check it out, it just may help you on your weight loss journey… Q: Hi Tony. Good job with your clients like Ramiro. I would like […]

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Ramiro loses 37 pounds at North Las Vegas Boot Camp

April 5, 2013

Ramiro lost 16 pounds in his first two months and then another 21 pounds in the next 8 weeks winning our Biggest Loser Challenge and his share of the $1000 Team Prize. Overall he’s down 37 pounds which is over 16% of his starting body weight. Here’s what he had to say… Before I started […]

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Kaymen Loses Weight at North Las Vegas Boot Camp

March 21, 2013

Today I wanted to share another success story with you. Kaymen has made an amazing transformation in the last 12 months with us and I’d like to share his story. Here’s Kaymen in his own words… Before I started boot camp I was constantly on the go. I was substitute teaching, teaching voice lesson, singing […]

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3 simple steps to reach long-term goals

February 28, 2013

Have you ever set a fitness goal that you knew was going to take you more than a few weeks to achieve and you failed to reach it? If you’re like most people, you have. Many people decide to make a change, set a goal, just to end up overwhelmed after realizing it’s gonna take […]

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