Workout Quest Accountability Contest

Congrats to everyone who participated in the 12 Week Ultimate Accountability Contest. I am very proud of everyone who stuck with it, earned points and won prizes.

…and a big congrats to the top 3 point earners:

#1 Sarah M 152 points
Sarah comes to boot camp each and every day with her food journal and no longer makes excuses for why she ate what she ate. Over the past few weeks she’s made lots of small changes that are adding up to a big difference to help support her goals. We’re all proud of you Sarah!

#2 Lashay H 151 points
Lashay makes no excuse, she’ll come to boot camp at 5am, 6am, 9am (when we had it), even 6p outside in the heat! Great job Lashay!

#3 Carrie D 142 points
Carrie, also does whatever it takes. Even getting in workouts and completing her food journal while traveling. That’s dedication. Nice job Carrie!

…and Congrats to our final raffle winners!

Bertha R- manicure at Infiniti Creations
Carrie D – hair cut, wash and style at Canyon Falls Salon and Spa
Siyong T – $100 boot camp certificate
Sylvia D – Gene SNP test with Active Health Solutions
Lucy C – 60 minute massage with Aurora Therapeutic Massage

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