Weekend Ritual

I’m sure you know nutrition plays a major role in your fat loss program.

But as the saying goes, “it’s not what you know it’s what you do”.

So if you want to eat better you need to do it on purpose not by accident, and on purpose starts with a plan.

So the Sunday Ritual is a plan. Do the Sunday ritual every week, no matter what. It can be done on any day of the week (preferably a day you don’t work or have a little more time).

If you are unfamiliar with it, here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Planning (5-10 minutes)
Review your meal plan (all my clients get this from the start), cook book or find some healthy recipes online and pick out your meals for the week.

Some days you will eat the same thing. Remember, you are trying to make things as simple as possible. Less variety saves time and makes meal planning and preparation easier (and these are the area’s most people drop the ball).

Step 2 – Create a shopping list (5-10 minutes)
Review all the meals you selected for the upcoming week and create a shopping list based off of that. Write down all the ingredients you will need for the entire week.

Step 3 – Go shopping (30-60 minutes)
Take the shopping list you just created to the grocery store and buy everything on it. Do not get junk that is not on your list. When you bring in healthy food in to your home, you will eat it. When you bring in junk food you will eat that.

Do not use the excuse that it’s for your spouse, or kids. Then you have to rely on willpower, which for most doesn’t last very long. If you want a treat that is fine, just make sure you save it for your 10% splurge (90% of the time you will eat healthy).

Step 4 – Get Cooking (1-2 hours)
Cook your meals for the week (at minimum cook all your lunches and dinners) and refrigerate and freeze them.

This will ensure you eat healthy throughout the week, especially on those days you don’t have time to make something healthy and end up going through the drive through or having some less than healthy frozen meal.

The point is to be consistently eating healthy meals which are as convenient as opening a bag of chips.

That’s it!

Now before you dismiss this and say, “That’s too much time to prep, shop, ect.”, I encourage you to try it first for a few weeks and see how easy this weekly investment makes eating healthy for the entire week.

Don’t think you have to do this for the rest of you life. Commit to six weeks. Pretty soon you’ll like the way you look and feel.


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