Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Q: My current workout plan is thirty minutes on the elliptical (choosing different levels to get my heart rate up) then two days per week of upper body strength training and two days lower body for one hour.

I am having issues getting my weight down but was told this is because I’m doing weights….

Please help


A: Glad to hear you are staying consistent with your program. There are many reasons why your weight isn’t coming down. Here’s a few things to consider…

#1 – You are losing fat and gaining muscle
I would like you to think in regards of fat loss as opposed to weight loss. If your weight isn’t coming down because you are gaining muscle and losing fat, then you are off to a great start. Have you taken any measures to know that you are gaining muscle?

Do you clothes fit better?

Have you lost inches on your waist, hips, thighs, and arms?

Has your body fat percentage dropped?

If you haven’t measured, then you cannot be sure you are gaining muscle and losing fat.

#2 – Your Diet needs improvement
Diet is going to play a big role in how much you lose or gain regardless of your training program. If you have made dietary changes, good for you, and I would recommend you continue to look for other areas to improve.

These two documents will help you get started
Nutrition-21-superfood, which will help you build your diet around food that will help you lose fat (it’s more than just calories in and calories out)

5-Habits-Cheat-Sheet. Use these 5 habits at each meal. If you need further detail on how these work and how you should be tracking your compliance to these 5 habits let me know.

#3 – You have adapted to your exercise program and need to switch things up
Most people will get used to a workout after four to six exposures of that workout. So if you have a different workout each day, then in four to six weeks, you could hit a plateau. The way around it is to change the variables up. You can do the same exercises but change the time, intensity, sets or reps so you don’t plateau so quickly.

If you have further questions please ask.

I hope this helps you. If you need help with your diet, tracking the 5 habits or fresh new work outs let me know. I am now offering personal training sessions at Workout Quest as well as an Online Personal Training, which is more cost effective and scheduling is never becomes an issue.

Let me know how I can be of further assistance to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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