Overcoming Weight Loss Obstacles

Everyone has obstacles when trying to achieve a goal. The key to overcoming your obstacles is first to be ready for them and second to have a strategy to get through it.

Below are 5 common obstacles you may have when attempting to lose weight.


Obstacle #1 Eating out Frequently

Choose custom meals. Most restaurant meals are
• carbohydrate heavy
• sauce heavy
• no vegetables

You will need
• reduce carbohydrate portion
• increase the protein
• bump up the vegetables

How to order
Ask for extra meat, no starch, and double veggies

Obstacle #2 Busy Life
**Choose one and commit to it**

a. The Sunday Ritual
• write menus, shop, prepare for the week
b. The breakfast ritual
• prepare food for the day each morning
c. precooking protein
• prepare protein on shopping day
• keep in fridge until needed
d. prechopping veggies
• chop 1/2 veggies on shopping day and store in tupperware
• keep in fridge until needed
e. liquid nutrition
• preparing meal replacement shakes at home or work

Obstacle #3 Travel

Travel Assistance
• food, exercise and business in close proximity
• room contains kitchenette
• shipping items in advance
• carry a big cooler
• get restaurant menus in advance
• bring supplements – protein, greens powder, bars

Obstacle #4 Busy Social Schedule

Social Strategies
too many finger foods, too frequent dinners eating in uncontrolled environments

• pre-eat before dinners so you’re not hungry when you get there
• bring food/contribute to the dinner
• become the host and cook foods that support your goals

Obstacle #5 Nutrition Boredom

Cooking Tips
• necessary to eat certain foods on a regular basis
• get cooking tips from someone who knows how
• buy some basic cook books
• search out cooking/food articles online or in magazines

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