What Should I Do to Lose Weight Faster?

Q: I’ve been exercising and eating good for 8 weeks and have only lost 1% body fat. I’m starting to get discouraged.

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A: I understand your frustrations. First of all understand there are many ways to measure your progress. SEE BELOW
Also you’ll notice a 1% fat loss in 8 weeks is average.

Every 2 weeks you should be looking for progress
• if progress made – continue with current plan with no change
• if no progress made – adjust the plan [see your trainer], this could be adding additional workouts or eating 250 calories less per day.

Rate of fat loss
• excellent fat loss – 0.5 – 1% body fat lost every 2-4 weeks
• average fat loss – 0.5% body fat loss every 4 weeks
• slow fat loss – less than 0.5% body fat loss every 4 weeks

Rate of muscle gain
• excellent muscle gain – 1-2 lbs lean mass every 2-4 weeks
• average muscle gain – 1 lb lean mass every 4 weeks
• slow muscle gain – less than 1 lb lean mass every 4 weeks

excellent loss – drop more than 2 sizes in 8-12 weeks
average loss – drop 1-2 size in 8-12 weeks
slow loss – drop less than 1 size in 8-12 weeks

Why progress isn’t made
***You must be honest with yourself and your trainer if you have one***

1. You’re not following the plan and your attendance and/or food journal shows this
2. You’re not following the plan but your food journal is inaccurate
3. You’re following the plan but it’s not working [if this is the case, see your trainer]

To Lose Faster
You may need to add additional workouts during the week. If you currently work out 5 hours weekly, workout up to 7 hours over the next four weeks.

After that, you may need to drop calories by 250 per day, by eating slower, stopping at 80% full and/or using smaller plates and bowls.

You may or may not be ready for this, if you need a coach I can help.

Did you know at Workout Quest we do offer a complementary strategy session if you are interested in coming in and going over your obstacles visit us online at workoutquest.com

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