Best Time to Eat Starch Carbs for Fat Loss

For February the Habit of the month is to eat your starch carbs after exercise. This is when your body can best tolerate them for fat loss.

Within the three hours following exercises you should be eating
unprocessed starch carbs like: whole grain pastas and breads, yams or
sweet potatoes, quionoa, oats, and long grain rice, ect.

Any time of the day eat fiber rich vegetables like: broccoli, kale, cucumber,
carrots, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, bok choy, lettuce, collards, radish, onions, etc.

Keep the refined carbs to a minimum and only during the three hours following exercise. Those include: desserts, fruit juice, processed foods, soda, sports drinks, most commercial nutrition bars, dates, figs, dried fruits, ect.

Here’s a sample plan of what this looks like in action:

Morning workout
5:30am – pre workout protein shake and 1/2 banana
6am – workout
7:30am – oatmeal (starch), eggs, veggies
12 noon – baked salmon and broccoli
3pm – raw mixed nuts, and apple
7pm – grilled chicken and steamed veggies

Evening workout
8am – eggs, veggies
12 noon – Chicken sausage and green beans
3pm – carrots, celery and hummus
6:30am – pre workout protein shake and 1/2 orange
7pm – workout
8:30pm – grilled chicken, brown rice (starch) and steamed veggies


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