Fitness Tracking Calendar by North Las Vegas Personal Trainer

People need accountability to reach a certain level of success. Zero accountability limits your success.

Now when it comes to eating better and exercising more you’ve got to keep it super simple and you’ve got to have some sort of accountability if you want to get anywhere.

Some of my most successful clients started out slow, but began to achieve more in just a few short weeks after starting a food journal. Food journals are just one way to keep you accountable.

Food journals do work, but for too many people give up because it becomes a chore. The good news is there’s an easier way (remember Keep It Super Simple)

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Now I challenge you, try it for 28 days. Really hold yourself accountable and see what happens.

…and if you need help and want more one on one coaching check out my online fitness training program. You get new workouts each month that you can do anywhere and I personally help you set goals, and keep you accountable too.
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