Summer Slim Down Winners

2012 Summer Down Winners


Carrie Doom 1st – Wins $100 Cash

Carrie, set a goal to lose 8 pounds and she lost 11 pounds (7% drop in total body weight)! She also lowered her body fat by 2% , BMI by 2 and dropped 3.5 inches during the Summer Slim Down Challenge. Even with her busy travel schedule Carrie met her goal of exercising five times a week. Probably the biggest challenge she has recently overcome is eating right, which has really paid off for her in a big way.

Congrats Carrie!

Sylvia Duran 2nd – Wins $50 Cash

Even though the evening boot camp meets only four days per week Sylvia, hit her goal of exercising six times a week most weeks by making it to Friday morning workouts and exercising on her own. During the challenge she lost 9 pounds, and dropped her BMI and bodyfat numbers as well as lost inches all around.

Congrats Sylvia!

Barbie Collins 3rd – Wins $25 Cash

Barbie, has overcome some struggles and setbacks and still managed to lost 6 pounds. She made a major change in the way she eats and even slipped in several double workouts! She’s always the first one in the building and usually the last to leave. She lost over 8 inches on her waist, hips and thighs which is amazing.

Well done Barbie!

Honorable Mention

Sarah Manley Wins $15 Regal Gift Card

Even though Sarah missed her goal of exercising five days per week, she never makes an excuse and worked harder during the last few weeks than I’ve ever seen her work. She managed to lose another 6 pounds after already losing 18 pounds in the previous few months. She took her BMI and Body fat to new lows as well as all her measurements!

I’m super proud of you Sarah!

Kaymen Carter Wins $15 Regal Gift Card

Kaymen, has consistently been dropping his body fat, while building muscle ever since he began boot camp. During the Summer Slime Down contest he made his biggest improvements to date losing another three pounds and lowering all his numbers, but also became the first boot camper to conquer the rope climb, by getting in some extra upper body work after class.

That’s dedication. Way to go Ninja Warrior!

… and a big Thank U to all who participated.

Next up the 100 Day Fitness Challenge! It all begins September 22nd.

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