Weight Loss Simplified

I’ve asked myself many times, “Why are so many people struggling with weight loss?”

… and after working with hundreds of clients, the conclusion I keep coming up with is that there are some people don’t know what to do, and they need to raise there hands and ask for help, because help is there.

But the MAJORITY of people already do know what to do. I mean there’s magazines, the internet, friends who’ve lost weight, personal trainers, T.V. shows about losing weight… you name it.

I think there is TOO MUCH information on what to do.

Unless you are highly motivated, hire a coach or personal trainer, you have an overload of information. Information overload can lead to INACTION and more FRUSTRATION.

The solution isn’t to do everything you hear or read about. It is TO DO SOMETHING and gradually add more to what you were doing yesterday.

The motto needs to be “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.

Watch this video to see what I mean

… and remember you didn’t gain it all in a week or two so don’t expect to lose it that fast, either.

Focus adding one positive habit like drinking more water or eating more lean protein.

Doing this is less stressful and easier to maintain than trying to remove all the negative habits like eating fast food, and drinking high calorie beverages. The negative habits will weed themselves out automatically when you simply focus on adding the positive habits to your new lifestyle.

Do one habit at a time and stay at it until you are consistently doing it 90% of the time. This may take 3 to 4 weeks and then it will become automatic. Drag this out over 12 months and you have 12 – 15 new habits that work together to produce big results!

Slow and Steady is way easier to implement and stick to than the latest diet fad. I’ve seen people lose 50 pounds and more in a year just by exercising and adding in one habit a month.

Here’s some habits to get you started with the first 5 months. Start with the easier one for you first. You want it to be so easy it doesn’t feel like you’re going out of your way to do it.

WARNING: Don’t get too ambitious and try to do 2, 3 or 4 habits all at once. The more new habits you try to implement at once the higher your chance of failure.

Habit 1: Eat Slowly and stop at 80% full

Habit 2: Eat Protein dense foods with each meal

Habit 3: Eat Vegetables with each meal

Habit 4: For Fat Loss, eat a majority of other carbohydrates after exercise

Habit 5: Eat Healthy Fats Daily

After 12 months you will have 12 new habits and they will all add up in a big way.

See how Lorraine succeeded by going slow and steady.

Let me know how I can help, and be on the look out for the 100 Day Fitness Challenge. Online training coming soon.

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