Lorraine Workout Quest Member Spotlight

Hey Tony back here with another member spotlight. This time we’ll be talking to Lorraine, who has made an amazing transformation in her lifestyle. She shares some powerful lessons and tips. Read her success story right here.

Q: Before boot camp how long had you struggled with your weight?

I have struggled with my weight since I was twelve years old.

Q: When did you realize it was time to do something about your weight?

I Always knew I needed to do something about my weight, I have been going up and down for the past five years. My vital statistics have always been good until last year when I was informed that my cholesterol was rising, I don’t like taking drugs, so I had to do something, and my sister told me about how much fun she was having at boot camp and I was seeing her slim down.

Q: Why was it so important for you to make a change when you did?

I have it in my head that only old people have high cholesterol and I am not ready to be old yet.

Q: What changes did you make in your diet / exercise routine?
Besides getting back into a regular exercise routine at Workout Quest, I started eating smaller portions, limiting my liquid calories and drinking more water.

Q: How is your energy level now compared to before you began boot camp?
Before Workout Quest I had no problem sitting around all day doing nothing, I can’t do that anymore. I don’t know if this is good, but I can get threw the day on less sleep.

Q: You lost over 20 pounds since you started boot camp. How much have you lost so far, and what’s your secret to successful weight loss?
I think I have lost at least 30 pounds since I started coming to WorkoutQuest. Besides the weight loss I enjoy the fact that I am stronger, faster and have more endurance than when I started.

Q: Many people find it difficult to consistently eat healthy and exercise for long periods of time. What keeps you so motivated month after month?
Believe it or not I am a picky eater, for example I don’t like purple food, yet the food I do eat I love. I have learned in boot camp that it is a waste of time to work hard in boot camp every day then eat wack meals the rest of the day, you are running in circles and when you run in circles you never get anywhere.

From past experience I know that better health and fitness is three fold: proper eating, exercise and attitude (if you think you can’t do it then you can’t do it). What keeps me motivated is seeing results, rather it’s my own results or my classmates results. It is a warm feeling seeing the success of others in Workout Quest.

Since I have been attending I have not seen anyone that was serious not improve, as The Man (Tony Woods) so eloquently put it, stop looking at the number on the scale and look in the mirror. I would add to to that how do ya feel. Last motivation that keeps me coming to Workout Quest is maybe I will eventually start to like jumping jacks, I would rather do inch warms than stupid jumping jacks.

My classmates are terrific, they wont let anyone fail and they make everyone feel at home no matter what your fitness level and Coach Tony is very motivational he is there to help and you just have to take advantage of his knowledge, if you don’t know ask. Coach is tough, and respectful with a stopwatch that doesn’t know how to keep the right time.

Q: What keeps you from going back to those old habits?

What keeps me going back to my old habits is seeing results and knowing that what I was doing before was not getting me the results that I wanted. I have not reached my goals yet, so in ten years this question could be answered better.

Q: To reach success you always have to sacrifice something. What other sacrifices have you made to find success in your weight loss journey?
The biggest sacrifice I have made in my weight loss journey is sleep, I haven’t totally given up sweets but I have limited the amount of sweets I do eat. Another sacrifice I have made is I now eat less bread, I love bread so much I could eat a bread sandwich. i couldn’t eat a meal without having some type of bread.

Q: Are the sacrifices and all the hard work worth the results you’re getting?
The sacrifices and hard work are getting me the results I want, boot camp is more fun than hard work.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who says they want to lose weight?

The advice I would give someone who says they want to loose weight is start and be patient, remembering that you didn’t gain the weight in a day or a week so don’t expect to loose the weight in a day or a week.

Well done Lorraine! I really appreciate you for sharing your story so far and inspiring everyone who reads this blog. YOU are leading by example. Thanks again.

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