Sarah Loses 18 pounds at Workout Quest

Today I’m going to share a recent success story from one of my outstanding clients at Workout Quest who does whatever it takes to succeed.

In less than twelve weeks Sarah has made a complete turn around in. She went from a follower who brought little intensity and an excuse or to boot camp on a daily basis to a leader who dedicated herself to pushing past her comfort zone and gradually made a few small changes in the way she ate and it’s no surprise it’s paying off for here big time.

I asked Sarah to share with you what keeps her going strong day after day on fitness and fat loss journey.

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Q: When did you realize it was time to do something about your weight/heath?

I had lost some weight after my divorce but had hit a wall. I was starting to gain the weight I was not willing to lose the progress I had worked so hard for.

Q: Why was it so important for you to make a change when you did?

Honestly, I had gotten lazy!! Laid off from my job had brought me to a low point.

Sarah Before

Q: What changes did you make in your diet / exercise routine?

I started eating less processes foods and smaller portions. Doing Bootcamp which includes cardio and strength training instead of just running.

Q: How is your energy level now compared to before you began boot camp?

I can do so much more – and I have a desire to do more. Like hiking and playing sports with my kids, running around at the park. I used to just sit and watch (sometimes still do lol)

Q: In 12 weeks you lost over 18 pounds and 8 inches off your waist, hips and thighs since you started boot camp. What’s your secret to successful weight loss?

Having a support system!! Having someone there to hold me accountable is great, but the important part is how they do it. I benefited greatly from the positive reinforcement that I got even when I would slip up. I also saw that all the hard work was paying off…SLOWLY at first. I started working a little harder and really paying attention at home to what I put in my body.

Sarah After

Q: Many people find it difficult to consistently eat healthy and exercise for long periods of time. What keeps you so motivated month after month?

I feel great!!! I can look at myself in the mirror and say “WOW, your lookin good”! When I eat healthy and exercise every day, my day goes better. My energy is up and I find that even on the down days I can be more positive with my attitude.

Q: What keeps you from going back to those old habits?

Joy!! My self-esteem is better, I like taking pictures with me in them, I can go on roller coasters and not worry about not fitting!! Life is easier, less stress, more energy. I also see my sister and dad struggling everyday with diabetes due to weight and it is painful. Life is not meant to be lived in sadness.

Q: To reach success you always have to sacrifice something. What other sacrifices have you made to find success in your weight loss journey?

I changed my priorities to put my health first. I get up early and go to bed early – going out in the evenings is limited. Cooking sometimes varies when I have something my kids are not into yet.

Q: Are the sacrifices and all the hard work worth the results you’re getting?

Defiantly! I don’t always see it – I look at me all the time, then someone says “Hey there skinny” or someone I have not seen in a while raves about how great I look.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who says they want to lose weight?

Get rid of your expectation of time and get rid of the scale!! It takes time for muscles to develop and strengthen especially when they have not been used in a while. It’s not a short term change either.. it’s a change of life!

Sarah thanks so much for taking the time to share your success with us. We’re all proud of you!

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