North Las Vegas Personal Trainer Shares Overeating and Weight Gain Prevention Tips

If you are struggling to lose weight you need to Be real with yourself.

… I’m talking nutrition here. Don’t make the mistake so many people make, thinking you can eat high calorie foods just because you workout. For example let’s say you need 1500 calories a day for fat loss and you are excellent all week, eating lots of lean proteins, fresh veggies with each meal, a good amount of healthy fats, and you limit your starches.

Then on the weekend you go out to go dinner out to dinner Friday, hit a movie and have a few drinks on Saturday and go out to Lunch on Sunday. After all you’ve been good all week and deserve it right?

Did you know many restaurants serve meals upwards of 1500 calories… in one meal!

Don’t believe me check this out…
*One bread stick at Olive Garden is 150 calories
*Garden Fresh Salad with dressing equals 290 calories
*Braised beef & Tortellini is 1020 calories
*Berry Sangria 230 calories

So let’s say you had two bread sticks, with your salad, ate about 2/3rds of your entree and had one drink…. and you even skipped dessert because you were good.

You totaled 1493 calories!

You can see how easy things add up, before you know it you’ve had an extra 1000 calories on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… 3000 extra calories for the week!

Doesn’t sound too bad right? Wrong! Let’s do some simple math.

1500 calories a day for weight loss is 10,500 for the week.

the 3000 calories you added over the weekend bring your weekly total up to 13,500. Divide that by 7 days and you are now averaging 1928 calories per day!

Even with exercise it’s going to be very hard, if not impossible to lose weight when you are taking in an extra 428 calories per day on average.

The Bottom Line
Have a plan in advance. I’m not saying don’t eat out, I am saying as good as you are making healthy choices you need to identify the times when you may be over eating and prepare for them. Is it when you are stressed, is it late nights, or is it the weekends like the example above?

Stress Fix
Find another way to reduce your stress rather than eating? Go for a walk, listen to music, write in an journal, hit a heavy bag. Don’t rely on food as your medicine.

Late Night Fix
Snack throughout the day on fruits and veggies so you’re not starving when you get home. Then have healthy meals prepared in advance, so you can just heat them and eat.

Weekend Fix
Decide before you go out that you will eat only 1/2 of your meal (ask for a to go bag when your meal arrives), drink only water, skip bread sticks or chips and opt for a side of steamed veggies instead. You will get full on a high nutrient dense meal faster and take in less calories as a result.

Be good,


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