6 Week Summer Slim Down

Rules of the 6 Week Summer Slim Down Contest

The 6 Week Summer Slim Down Contest runs from Monday, July 10th to Monday, Aug 20th, 2012. The final day to enter if you want to complete a full 6 week Slim Down is Monday, July 10th.

To be eligible for Prizes you must:
1. Register at Boot Camp
– Current members – $10 entry fee.
– Non-member – $119 entry fee, which includes the cost of boot camp and the entry fee.

2. You must provide “Before and After” photos via email or turn them in directly to Tony. Photos will be taken on day 1 and the final day if you cannot take your own.
– All final pictures and documents for the 6 Week Summer Slim Down Contest must be received before Midnight, August 22nd.

All Before and After photos must include a frontal shot from your knee up to the top of your head. You can wear a swim suit, exercise clothes or whatever you feel comfortable in for your photo.

3. In addition to providing Before & After photos, each contestant must write a brief 100-250 word essay on their before and after success story. This can brought in to Tony or emailed to him. This can simply be done by answering five or more questions about your six weeks provided by Tony.

To view samples of proper before and after photos and short essay
, visit this link

4. You must also be present for both Fitness Assessments (you can schedule a makeup day during the week of the assessment only).

It is highly recommended – for your success – you write out 6 weeks goals, keep a food journal and make it to at least 3 training sessions per week as this will dramatically increase your chances of losing fat and reaching your goals.

The 6 Week Summer Slim Down Contest will be judged by Tony Wood and voting may be opened to all current boot camp members.

By entering this Contest, each contestant consents to the use of his/her name, and/or photograph in any publicity carried out by the Workout Quest and its advertising and promotional agencies without further notice or compensation.

Three Prizes will be awarded to the best overall transformations. This includes a combinations of weight loss, body fat loss, total inches loss, and physical fitness improvements.

1st place: $100 cash
2nd place: $50 cash
3rd place: $25 cash

All entries become the property of Workout Quest and will not be returned.

To register contact Tony at 702-882-4021

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