Vegas Personal Trainer shares 15 weight loss secrets

The following list are 15 proven weight loss habits of my top clients

1. Set goals with timelines, then break them into smaller goals (3mos, 1month, each week)

2. Set process goals (ie. exercise 5 times per week for next 12 weeks vs. lose 20 pounds)

3. Read your goals first thing each morning and before you go to bed

4. Make a commitment to yourself that for the next 12 weeks you will do whatever it takes to reach your goals

5. Have daily success rituals (ie. not eating while watching T.V. or no seconds until you wait 20 minutes)

6. Believe in yourself

7. Stop talking and start doing

8. Plan every day. Success isn’t an accident

9. Come to boot camp 4-5x per week

10. Work as hard as you can each and every boot camp

11. Bring food journals to boot camp everyday filled out

12. Surround yourself with supportive people and avoid the negative ones

13. Become better each and every week

14. Never complain, blame others or make excuses

15. Ask me lots of questions

“Strategy trumps will power” – Valerie Waters from the Female Body Breakthrough

“It’s not going to be easy, but then again nothing worthwhile ever is”

Make a promise to yourself that from today on you’re gonna work hard and take action everyday!

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