Do you feel nauseous when you workout?

Here’s a question recently I got from a boot camper about feeling nauseous after a workout, and it may help you get more out of your workouts!

Q: I got pretty sick today when I got home, and felt nauseous all day for some reason. I shouldn’t have let myself get into such bad shape.

A: We’ve all been there and the fix might be easier than you think. While some think working out on an empty stomach is going to help them burn fat faster, the truth is if you aren’t properly fueled prior to a workout this feeling is common, especially when the intensity is high.

I don’t know if you ate before the workout, but you can get that nauseous feeling when you are dehydrated or aren’t properly fueled for a workout. When you workout first thing in the morning, make sure to drink 10-16 oz. of water before you even leave the house. Then drink another 16 oz, during your workout to stay hydrated.

I also recommend you eat something small which will give you the energy you need to complete your workout and speed recovery after.

Good pre-workout meals are usually 150-300 calories and combine carbohydrates (for energy) and protein (to rebuild muscle that you breakdown in the workout).

Here’s some examples of quick and easy pre-workout meals:

* whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter (no hydrogenated oil)
* banana, apple or orange and yogurt (greek yogurt is great and higher in protein)
* string cheese and fruit
* protein shake

Try this before your next workout and let me know how you do.


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