Discover how Brian Lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks

Brian is one of my favorite boot camp members. He’s super consistent with his workouts and one of the best when it comes to tracking what he eats. He continues to work harder at both from one week to the next, which is why he get the results he does.

Read his story below

Q: When did you realize it was time to do something about your weight/heath?

I’ve always been an athletic person and into sports, but for the past several years I’d been eating poorly and gaining weight fast. I felt unathletic, my joints hurt, and I was in the worst shape of my life. I decided I didn’t want to keep feeling that way.

Q: What was your fitness and energy levels before you started training at Workout Quest Boot camp

Before I started boot camp I would get winded walking up the stairs, my body would ache and I always seemed to have a nagging injury.  I had a gym membership but I never used it.  I knew I had it in me to get in shape but I just couldn’t put it together.

Q:   What were you skeptical about?

The first moment I saw the brochure from Workout Quest Boot camp on my front door I was immediately excited because I knew this could be my chance to get back in shape.  However, with the class being at 6am I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning because I’ve never been a morning person.

Q: What changes did you make in your diet / exercise routine?

I started going to boot camp 4-5 days a week and I began to eat better.  I also started writing down what I eat in a food journal that Tony provided for me.  That was a big step forward for me.  I was more accountable for what I ate and I began to see improvements in my overall health.

Q: How is your energy level now compared to before you began boot camp?

My energy level is higher and I’m more confident in my abilities athletically now.  Before I couldn’t run without it hurting, now I can sprint.  My joints don’t ache, and I feel stronger.

Q: You lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks of boot camp. What are your keys to successful weight loss ?

Once I knew I could consistently show up to boot camp I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts.  Keeping up with my food journal has also been key. Another key to my success is that Tony has been an excellent motivator and has given me positive guidance.  He’s challenged me, and encouraged me to set goals.

Q: I know you hated vegetables when I first met you. What’s your feeling about them now?

My feeling about them now is that they can help get me to where I want to be.  If I continued to not eat them I was only keeping myself from reaching my fitness goals.

Q: You did a complete 180 in the way you eat and make eating healthy look easy. What’s your secret?

It takes discipline but a lot of it comes down to preparation.  Shopping for the right kinds of foods and having them in the house to eat is key.  Also, I looked forward to eating right and documenting it in my food journal.  It became a way of life and I knew it was making me a healthier.

Q: Day in and day out, you are consistently one of the hardest workers at boot camp.

What keeps you motivated to work so hard?   Just showing up to boot camp isn’t enough.  I knew I have to push harder and increase my intensity to really see a difference. I also didn’t want to be one of those people that worked out but seemed to always look the same.  Plus, the feeling I get after giving it my all at boot camp is rewarding.

Q: I truly believe “there is no progress, no success, without sacrifice”. What sacrifices have you made to find success with boot camp?

I was a big fast food guy, but I’ve cut that down to almost nothing.  I was pretty much addicted to diet coke and now water is my drink of choice.   I’ve also made better choices as far as drinking beer and staying out late.  I know now that those things won’t help me get where I want to be.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is considering joining boot camp or someone who has just started?

I’d say give it a shot and believe in yourself that you can do it. Don’t do what I did and talk about how you want to get in shape but not do anything about it.  Now I’m doing something about it and so can you!

Thanks for reading. If you have questions for Brian, please leave them below.

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