Motivation to Exercise and Eat Right

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Okay, Moving on…

what’s your reason?

When your reason is strong enough you can accomplish anything.

you can have all the knowledge on how to do something but without the reason you simply won’t do it.

Look at things you do consistently on a regular basis. Things like watching T.V., shopping, paying bills, cleaning your house or going to work. Some things you want to do and other you don’t want to do.

But what motivates you to do the things you don’t really want to do. Why do you do it? Because you have a strong enough reason to do it. You want the outcome.

For example, you may not want to drive in traffic for 30 or more minutes, and work 8 or more hours every day of the week but you do it. Why? Because you have a strong enough reason to do it. You want the outcome. You want to get paid.

But, it really isn’t the money you want. You want what money provides you.

It’s what money provides.






the ability to travel

to have new experiences

to help others

What are all these things? Things that make us happy or things that avoid pain.

So, we go to work so we can be happy or avoid pain.

It’s not that you enjoy driving in traffic or prefer spending time with your co-workers more than your own family. You do that other stuff, so you can get what you really want. The food,  shelter, entertainment, ect.

Work is just the vehicle to get what you want…


Now let’s see how this works with diet and exercise.

I know some people who know an awful lot about diet and exercise but for whatever reason haven’t changed their bodies by utilizing that info.

The reason obviously is not a lack of knowledge.

I urge you to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Because just wanting weight loss is not a strong enough reason.

Because you don’t want to lose weight really. You want what weight loss provides you.

You want:

lowered cholesterol

lowered your risk of early death

to have energy to chase your kids

to walk up the stairs and not feel winded

to feel attractive

to go on a date

to wear a bathing suit and feel proud of your body

to have the confidence you had when you were thinner

to no longer feel shame when you look at yourself naked

For people to complement you

What are all these things? Things that make us happy or avoid pain.

So, the real reason you work out is to be happy or avoid pain.

So it may be that you don’t  like to workout and eat healthy. But just like work is the vehicle to get you what you want exercise and eating right, are the vehicles to get you a date, feeling attractive, higher confidence, lowered cholesterol.

The only question to ask yourself now is what is your reason?

Once you have a strong enough reason you won’t quit 4 to 8 weeks after starting an exercise program like most people.

Find your reason and you’ll find your motivation to work out and eat right for months and years to come.

Leave a comment below and let me know your reason.

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