Eat right for weight loss

Hey Tony here and I want to know a few things:

Are you eating for right for weight loss?

Are you addicted to food?

Are you even losing fat?

Do you use food to alter your mood or for fuel?

or both?

Do you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables?

Well, check out this video and see what it takes to eat for weight loss


By the way, the boot camp member who changed his mindset and now likes vegetable lost over 13 pounds in a few short weeks that followed his mindset shift.

You can do the same. The sad truth is that, only 10-20% of the people are action-takers and get results.

What I want to know is which person are you? Are you the person that knows all this info and does nothing with it, or are you the action-taker who is enjoying a successful fitness journey.

If you are the info addict, who does nothing with it I highly advise you to start taking action NOW! You’ll be glad you did.

Leave me a comment below and let me know which person you are.



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