Myth Busters

Myth 1: muscle turns to fat when you stop lifting

Truth: when you stop lifting your muscles atrophy and your metabolism slows down because you have less muscle. In the end you lose muscle and you gain fat. Muscle and fat are two different things.

Myth 2: muscle makes you inflexible

Truth: Not stretching makes you flexible! Lots of people who lift don’t stretch. Those that do stretch can remain flexible while building muscle.

Myth 3: Women will get big from lifting weights (this one is a personal favorites)

Truth: Unlearn your old thinking and learn the truth. Women don’t have enough testosterone to build big bulky muscles. Besides most men have trouble bulking up even when lifting heavy.

The women in the magazines that look like men are taking something a little extra, if you know what I mean. Look at real women such as Madonna, Angela Bassett, or Demi Moore who lift weights. They have tone but aren’t huge.

You will build muscle which will increase your metabolism causing you to lose fat. More muscle + less fat = toned muscles. Losing weight without lifting leads you to be a smaller version of your flabby old self with no muscle tone. Some call this skinny fat.

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