Can You Lose Weight Simply By Not Eating, or Do You Have to Workout?

Q: This question has always been bugging me. If you don’t eat, is working out really needed to lose weight?

A: You absolutely need to eat! Otherwise, your body will go into a “starvation mode” which slows down your metabolism and stores the food you eat to keep you alive. The problem here is you will lose a little weight, then it will come to a halt and your health will suffer. So it’s not worth it.

You can still lose weight without exercising (it’s called dieting) but you run into another problem – if you aren’t exercising you will lose muscle which will slow down your metabolism and slow down your weight loss.

You can lose weight faster with exercise because your metabolism will speed up by buiding muscle. The added muscle will cause your body to burn more calories and you’ll lose weight – so and instead of skin and bones, you’ll end up with lean toned muscles.

So while you can lose weight without exercising; not eating is never recommended. You should exercise and eat right for best results. You can actually raise your metabolism even higher by eating small portions often throughout the day, just keep your total calories in check.

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