Don’t be a Treadmill Idiot

As a kid nothing seemed to bother me, EVER, but now it seems people are ticking me off left and right. Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety, but it seems at least once a week in the gym I’m guaranteed to see something that just ticks me right off.

You know what ticks me off? When I’m in the gym and I see people doing things they have no business doing. For example, last week I saw a woman walking on the treadmill at a 15% incline doing something like 5 or 6 mph and holding on for dear life. Every time she took a step her entire body would jerk because she was holding on so damn tight and going way too fast.

Why in the heck do you need to be going that fast at that elevation when you can’t do it properly? I’m trying to figure this one out because honestly I have just don’t know why people do this. I’m not picking on this poor woman; I see all kinds of people doing this. For some reason this is a common thing to do in gyms. My guess is they think the faster they go and the higher the elevation; the more calories they burn. Okay that’s true, but the only if you actually do the work. The machine thinks you’re busting your tail doing the work, not halfway doing it and halfway getting pulled along. So all those calories it says you’re burning; you are not.

A quick remedy to this problem: Lower the grade and take the speed down. It’s that simple. Let go of the hand rail and stand straight up while walking or running. If you can’t perform the exercise without holding on or standing straight up, you need to slow down or bring the incline down until you can. If you want to burn those extra calories then add short intervals every two to three minutes; where you increase the speed or the incline for only 30 seconds or so at a time. This will add more intensity to the workout and allow you to keep proper form so you actually burn those extra calories.

Now go out and have a great workout, but don’t let me catch you being a fool on the treadmill.

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