My Muscle Building Fat Burning Countdown Workout

I’m going to share with you a workout that I recently did using countdowns. It was a great workout because it was a full body circuit that incorporated strength, balance, cardio conditioning, and core stabilization with only four body weight exercises. To do countdowns you’ll start with a high number of reps and with each round you’ll do fewer reps, working your way down to 1 rep on the last round. I started at 10 reps and worked my way down to 1. Best of all it was done in under 30 minutes; my heart rate was racing, I was sweating and my muscles were burning (remember if you want to see results, you must push beyond your comfort zone; translation – work up a sweat).

The four exercises:

1. Bulgarian Split Squat 10 reps with right leg, 10 reps with left leg
2. Single-leg Romanian Deadlift 10 reps with right leg, 10 reps with left leg
3. Chin up 10 reps
4. Pike push up 10 reps

The exercises are done with no rest between (unless you’re tired) that’s one round. The next round repeats the same order with 9 reps of everything, then 8 rep and so on until the last round is complete with 1 rep of everything. That’s 330 total reps!

The great thing about this workout is I didn’t need any weight; all I needed was a pull up bar. Anyone who thinks you can’t do cardio without a machine needs to try this. I challenge you to work through it with as little rest as you can and let me know how high your heart rate gets.

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